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infinite marketplace provides an exciting opportunity for small business sellers to market their products for Liquidation!

Help FAQ!

What is infinite marketplace?
IM is an online resouce for marketing and branding your own online auction storefront. As an eBay Certified Developer we are able to provide efficient marketing tools for your online eBay store. As a Seller their are never enough avenues to market your products to customers. infinite marketplace is an easy way to open up another channel to sell your products!

How much is the service?
There is currently no charge for sellers or buyers to access the infinite marketplace system. In the future we plan on adding additional features such as Image Hosting and Counters which may require additional fees but they will be optional. The basic storefront service will still be free.

How much work is involved?
As an infinite marketplace seller there is absolutely no work involved. Your items and storefront will automatically show up in our search as long as they are listed on eBay.

How do I include my auctions?
Currently we only work with eBay Marketplace. Since we are a Certified eBay Developer we are already linked to all existing eBay seller storefronts. You can access your store using a simple link such as or

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